Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ten things i like about me

mindy over at ladybugfarm informed me today i won a prize!!!! over on her blog for commenting last monday... go on over and check her out before the day is done. you have to tell her ten things you like about yourself and then she enters you to win a prize NEXT monday. so go over and say hi and tell her granny annie sent you ... not that i get anything from it, it just looks good ;).

here's the list i left her today:

1. my big brown eyes i got from my mommy and the long dark eyelashes i got from my daddy.
2. the rest of my body, come to think of it. in nearly 50 years, it has seldom let me down.
3. my sense of humor, although not everyone shares it (to say the least!)
4. my ability to tell stories and to write them down
5. my kids
6. my willingness to try anything - at least anything that doesn't involve heights, cold or icky food - once.
7. my utter shamelessness - combined with number 6, it's made for some very interesting stories ;)
8. my ability to suspend judgement
9. my ability to see the Big Picture
10. my optimism

so tell me, gentle readers... for a chance to win a pair of purple fingerless gloves just like the pair im giving away in my SuperAwesome Giveaway... what're ten things you like about you? i'll pick the winner next week - on Winningest Wednesday :).


Divaeva said...

10 things I like about me...
1. My fantastic friends & family!
2. People can count on me when they need to.
3. My hazel eyes that change color depending on what color I am wearing.
4. My whitty sense of humor - and although not everyone gets it - the people that love me get me!
5. My craftiness - I can create almost anything I put my mind to.
6. My natural curls and hair color - even my scattered greys - I earned 'em!
7. My williness to try everything at least once - ok, pretty much everything...
8. My love for music and dancing.
9. My ability to make friends and talk to anybody...
10. I have a very open mind.

Lynette said...

seeing the big picture is a very good thing.
i like your ten things!

Laura Rose said...

1. my eyes 2. my ability to crack myself up 3. my connection to my animals 4. my creativity 5. my strong spirituality 6. my gentle spirit 7. my voice 8. my family and friends 9. my small stature 10. what's not to like...

Patrice said...

Since I'm always happy to talk about me, here are 10 things I like:

1. my ability with languages
2. my patience with, and love for, my children, even when they try me
3. my last name, which I associate with the big clan of folks I come from
4. my willingness to risk, and risk again
5. my red hair, though I have to keep reminding it to stay red these days
6. my voice, which has given me more and more joy as the years go by
7. my strong brain -- still strong, thank goddess
8. my way with words
9. my breasts!
10. my vulnerability to love

I am so glad your blog is back! it starts my day...

Mindy said...

Oooh I'll play! I'll play! But I'm going to cheat and use the ones that I put on my site ;)

1. I like my smile.
2. I like my laugh.
3. I like my eyes.
4. I like my BLACK eyelashes.
5. I like my simple living.
6. I love my families.
7. I love my sense of people.
8. I like my snuggly, pudgy body =)
9. I like my wardrobe... comfy clothes!
10. I like that I'm so funny! I totally crack myself up!

Maritzia said...

10 Things I like about me?


1) Well, I have really good taste in blogs! (but I read way too many *laughs*)
2) I'm quite intuitive
3) I have a rather nice voice if I do say so myself.
4) I'm very smart.
5) I have a great sense of humor
6) I'm passionate about protecting our freedoms and caring for those less blessed in our society.
7) I'm very open to the guidance of the Goddess in my life.
8) My taste in husbands is phenominal *grins*. I have a wonderful husband.
9) I enjoy music and really love singing. It brings me joy.
10) I adore animals. I better, because I have 5 pets.

Mama Krit said...

Fingerless gloves! Ok now, those are awesome!! And in purple? Now that is too cool for words. Ok, let's see:

10 things I like about me in no particular order:

1. My sarcastic sense of humor, even though it sometimes gets me in to trouble.

2. My strong sense of conviction. Knowing what is right, what is wrong, and most importantly when to stray from the crowd.

3. The way I can look at a piece of fabric like a painter's canvas, and not be too terribly discouraged when I ruin a project that has taken me all day.

4.My giant scar that reminds me that no one is perfect, life happens, and that life is what we make it.

5. The way I what I want to be with my children, even if I don't always live up to my expectations. It's the drive to be a better mother, despite knowing you will at times fail.

6. My fingers. Not because they are dainty and pretty, but because they are hard working and efficient.

7. My hair that can be grown out and donated to others who can't grow hair of their own.

8. My family. Because they are so very much a part of me.

9. My passion to learn new things, despite the frustration I get at not being able to learn right off the bat.

10. My open heart that is not afraid to love and open up to others. My heart that bleeds for those I love and cries at injustices in this world.

Kim said...

1. My eagerness to learn all the time. 2. My healthy body. 3. My cooking. 4. My friends and family - the ability to surround myself with good people and let the others go. 5. My sense of humor though not everyone would agree 6. My ability to see things from different views 7. That I will try almost anything once 8. That I don't just talk but take action 9. That I face my fears head on 10. That I complete what I start no matter how long it takes me.

Jade said...

10 things I like about me........
1.my ability to always put the shoe on the other foot
2.My openness (is that a word?)
3.My daughter
4.My wrists, they are very small
5.My thoughts...they make me laugh sometimes
6.My gift of making friends, of all different ages and background
7.My taste in music
8.My ability to bounce back from defeat
9.My history
10.My mistakes