Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Angels in Rainbows

this morning, karen and i got together to put the finishing touches on our proposal. it's so exciting for both of us to see this come together, and its so amazing for me to see how much research karen has been able to find that support and confirm the guidelines.

and today we got another kind of confirmation...the sort only an Angel could send. karen was changing her baby, and i was standing at her front door, looking out over her quiet street and immaculate front lawn. i happened to look up, into the bright blue, cloud-feathered sky.

in the sky, almost directly overhead, was a rainbow. it stretched across the feathery white clouds, shifting color upon color. i called karen and she ran with the baby, fresh diaper barely plastered into place. for easily ten minutes, we gazed wondering, at what we saw.

you think the Angels are pleased with us? i asked karen, as we stood side by side, taking turns staring at the rainbow and cooing to her baby.

it even looks like an Angel, she marvelled.

it was high noon. the sun was overhead, the clouds were barely visible, the light a blinding intense white. a rainbow that time of day, under those conditions, is a rare sight, im certain.

so maybe it wasn't a rainbow at all...


Chasing the Moon said...

Oooh, that gives me chills! What a beautiful story. Best wishes with your book!

Martha said...

The Angels are quite pleased I believe!

Stacie said...

that is awesome!!!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

A rainbow at *noon* may be a simple act of Nature, but it is one oh-so rare and one that is certainly under the direction of ... the angels!


Allison said...

Surely a sign from it!

Sylvia Weber said...

Dear Annie - I love the idea of seeing Angels in the rainbows. Tell me more.