Monday, June 1, 2009

in the merry month of june

my middle daughter meg is going to dublin. she got herself accepted into a semester abroad program - making the dean's list all year while taking care of baby jake while his mommy and daddy work - and now she is headed back to, as Beloved likes to say, the Land of Our People.

freud once observed that the irish were the only people who couldn't be helped by psychoanalysis, and gk chesterton said they were the "men whom God made mad." they're also the men God made devastatingly handsome in a way that has nothing to do with how they look... although a lot of irishmen ARE devastatingly handsome - pierce brosnan and my daddy being two of them. but its not just how irishmen look that makes them so attractive... its how they sound.

and so we begin to make our lists and our plans, and while i know she's coming back.. i wonder for how long.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Gaiamara said...

Oh wow! Congratulations to Meg :) That is so wonderful. I completely agree on the attractiveness of Irishmen... the accent makes me weak at the knees lol.

At least if Meg's heart finds it's residence in the Emerald Isle, she knows where her home will forever be... with the family who love and adore her ^^


April said...

What an exciting adventure! Sounds like she's very squared away. I wish her all the best, Annie! I know you hate to see her leave.

Bonnie said...

How exciting for her. I'm envious. I have just a smidgeon(well maybe a littl more)of Irish in me. I agree with the handsomeness of Irish men...their brawn and their brogue.

Kim said...

Congratulations to Meg - what an achievement. And what an exciting adventure.

Martha said...

I love my black Irishman!!
Congrats and Best Wishes to your daughter. I am proud of her too.

Stacie said...

wow, how awesome for meg!

the only people who could not be helped by psychoanalysis! men whom god made mad! i love it! my dad's family is VERY irish and i can relate to these!

i do love the irish brogue!

highlandwriter said...

blssed be!

congratulations - who wouldn't want to go to Ireland??!!! What an honor & achievement.

blessed be --


Kathy said...

Congratulations to Meg! I haven't been to Ireland, but I would love to go. My sister lived there for awhile, and ended up bringing home a husband. Other cousins, aunts, uncles, & my Dad brought less interesting souveniers, but all have great stories about a land of great storytellers.