Sunday, June 21, 2009

you know you're in new england when....

you spend the shortest night of the year shivering under the vermont country store's finest down-alternative summer-weight blanket in forest pine, listening to a monsoon-driven rain sluice off the roof, and the last time you think you remember seeing the sun was for a few fleeting moments yesterday, at high noon.

they couldn't have been that fleeting, however, because i was silly enough to hang a bedspread out to air - which is now getting a thorough soaking. oh, well, rain water is good for things, right?

it's just about five am as i type this but even the bullfrogs and the birds are subdued by the weight of the water, the chill of the air. at least the weeds don't look quite so cocky. yet.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Stacie said...

i know! we had 20ish people over for a birthday party yesterday and we were all crammed in my small house while the rain came steadily down. and it was cold too.

but in a day or two it's supposed to be like real summer! i can't wait.

Lynette said...

at least it was the shortest night of the year that i could not sleep on
would have loved your coll air here

Walk in the Woods said...

It certainly has been a damp transition from spring to summer ... and while the solstice fire didn't get lit, we had moments of sitting outside under the EZup sipping and laughing and ... umm ... "enjoying" the rain! Though most time was shared indoors.

(Yes! The sun! I SEE the sun!!!!!)

Bonnie said...

It is horribly humid here with heat index between 105 and 120. So be careful what you wish for. We'd take the rain, too, as our lakes are still very low.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Mother Nature promised us sunshine yesterday - but I woke up to a dark, dreary, pouring rain outside instead. Thanks Mother Nature. ;)

I love, though, how your weeds don't look quite so cocky yet because of the rain...what a positive way to look at it! :)