Friday, May 9, 2008

fifty-five push-ups

that's how many push-ups i had to do in cardio class last night. okay, they were girl push-ups, but i am not exactly a GIRL anymore, if you catch my drift. the old gray mare had moments of feeling like she was gonna drop in her traces. but i managed to do it, and i always like having a goal.

fifty-five BOY pushups... by the end of the summer.

my body is already feeling the results of the last three weeks. along with sore and achey, i feel lighter and tighter. my muscles, on the other hand, are in what i used to call full-revolt mode - which is what i used to encounter in the years where i worked out far more assiduously than i've done recently.

in full-revolt mode, they hold on to water, fluid, or whatever it is for as long as they possibly can - so that my scale refuses to budge. it used to only last for days. now it's taken three weeks to nudge the scale down two measly pounds.

i believe my body does this as a last ditch effort to return to slothdom - if i think im not getting anything out this torment, i believe it reasons, surely i will quit and return me to the couch.

but alas... for my muscles, my sinews, my tendons and everything in between. there's more than just me driving this... there's a character involved.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Stacie said...

55 BOY push-ups by the end of summer! Holy crap! I can do 10 right now, and then I die. You are a trooper! Keep it up and show that scale who is boss!

Kari said...

Heh, Annie, I hear you 100%, especially about the character being involved! The whole journey you read about on SparkPeople was instigated by a very stubborn, very outspoken character. I'm certainly grateful for his pushes, and I'm glad to have that inner motivation to fall back on when I'm feeling weary, but sometimes I want to say "Back off!" And I'm glad he doesn't...

Happy workouts, happy writing, and happy warm weather!