Monday, May 5, 2008

haunted happenings

among the amazing things that happened at the retreat this weekend, were some fairly interesting happenings of the paranormal kind. it began when i walked into the old sprawling farmhouse where the group was staying.

as i entered the front door, a door to my left opened and closed by itself. i noticed it, but the person in front of me didn't. i also noticed no one seemed to be in the room, and no one came in or out of the room.... that anyone seemed to see. several times throughout the initial part of the day, i glimpsed a bright white flicker out of the corner of my eye, and while i was writing on the first exercise, someone touched my shoulder. when i looked up, no one was there.

(i also startled the facilitator by inadvertently disappearing during the exercise, but that's another story.)

when i tuned into the energy of the place, i got a lot of residual energy, simply from the number of people who'd lived there, the age of the various parts of the house, and the granite under the house, which holds vibrations. but i also got one very bright, young, female kind of energy - a girl about 13- 15, with long honey-colored curls and a big white bow.

after lunch i went into the kitchen to get myself some cream for my coffee. i took a handful of creamers from the fridge and carefully shut the door - it was one of the oldfashioned kind you have to shut and it clicks. i turned around to put the cream in the coffee, realized i wanted another, and turned back to see the fridge door wide open.

before the afternoon session began, i got up the courage to mention this to one of the other ladies, and someone else blurted out... WOW - when we were doing the writing just before lunch, i could've sworn i saw a young girl walk up the front steps. but i didn't want to say anything - i was afraid you'd all think i was crazy. the lady who was staying in the front room admitted her door opened nd shut by itself several times, randomly. there seemed no connection to anyone walking in the front door, or up the steps, or past it in the hall. other ladies began to share their experiences - some had heard singing, some had heard voices, some had felt tapped or touched. some, like me, had seen things out of the corner of their eyes, or had heard people come into rooms that turned out to be empty.

throughout the retreat, batteries drained at any alarming rate, and even rechargeable batteries didn't stay charged.

but the next morning, the lady who stayed in the room with the opening and closing door said it hadnt happened once since i called attention to it.

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