Saturday, May 24, 2008

satisfying saturday

i spent four hours in the gardens today - two hours this morning, and now two more this afternoon. the beds are mulched and weeded, the flowers potted at the back door. its still too cold to think too much about herbs, and im hoping my dear friend has some ideas as to what to do about the ants who've moved into my thyme beds. i even got the zen garden weeded, and the sweet annie bed raked out.

libby cleaned out my car (remuneration is appreciated, she reminded me. four times.) we went grocery shopping, for the angel workshop tomorrow. i found some lovely chocolate. the hand outs are complete, the notes are done. i have some tidying up to do, but otherwise, the house is clean and i just need to print the handouts.

i sent debby two chapters of rigged and i have a third nearly finished. the new book is coming along, but marsia is on hold. now, i need a nap.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be!

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