Monday, May 19, 2008

merry monday

today was busy. it started off with a two hour folding and stamping and stapling and sticking marathon with laura - we have a mailer to get out announcing my new angel workshop and support group, and her new psychic development circle. i think both of us are pretty excited about it, and what's wonderful is the way they dovetail together.

i wanted to stop at our favorite tea shop, but it was pouring rain, and so i opted to come home and nap before tackling any other projects. but i managed to get the laundry done, dinner cooked, and all the zone work finished before kickboxing... at which class i did SIXTY SIX pushups.

tomorrow i have another busy day - and possibly my first krav class... assuming i wake up tomorrow and can walk.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Judy Vars said...

How many pushups "you animal"
good job.

Stacie said...

are we talking girl or boy pushups?

even if they are girl pushups, you ARE an animal! your husband had better watch out... ;-)

p.s. can't wait for the angel workshop! psychic development sounds so good too. why are all the coolest workshops so far from home?