Tuesday, May 6, 2008

new moon in taurus

the new moon in taurus brings with it a sense of patience, of respite, even; after the fire of aries and the passion of scorpio, an opportunity to turn within and embrace the reality of all who we are at the present moment, to bask, even, in a long moment of loving-kindness, in the same way the buds are bursting into the full flower of their glory.

maybe its the fact that my venus is in taurus that makes me so acutely aware of all the places i ache. luxury-loving venus enjoys pleasure, not pain, and this new moon finds my right side so sore i feel like one person in two bodies.

my left side feels pleasantly challenged. my right side - especially my right arm - feels like it spent the day hitting bricks. the last combative sport of any kind i engaged in was fencing, and no one ever expected my right arm to do much of anything but stay out of the way and balance the rest of me. there is an unpleasant twinge in my right hip, but the backs of both of my thighs remind me of how they used to feel after a good long run.

i hope baby jake is pleasant today when he arrives. my plan is to sit him outside and let him watch while i garden. there is a part of me that doesn't understand why at the age of 49, after a near-decade of indolence, i have jumped back into this kind of regimen.

but there is another part that always whispers - it was a woman - an older woman - who taught cuchulain how to be the greatest hero in all of irish myth.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Stacie said...

i can't imagine jumping back into the baby days! but i'm sure baby jake will benefit from the wisdom of his (not so) old grandma.