Saturday, May 10, 2008

leaping tall buildings

- rock garden on left of drive: weeded, tilled, over a dozen new plants and bulbs planted and transplanted, fed and mulched.
- rockgardens to right of drive: weeded, raked
- pansy garden in center of hosta garden: weeded, raked
- herb gardens near party house: weeded
- chamomile bed: weeded
- zen garden: weeded (interior only, exterior will have to wait til tomorrow)
- center garden: weeded, need for mulch noted
- sage, bee balm, forget-me-nots, mother's day gifts - purchased.
- chores (meg's room, bathroom and laundry room) and shopping (for food for tomorrow) - delegated to meg
- showered, dressed and ready to go!

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Stacie said...

in a single bound....

does meg still live at home?