Sunday, May 18, 2008

sleepy sunday

i think my favorite month, if i had to pick one, would have to be may. the sun is warm, the air is - here in connecticut, at least - still crisp enough at night to make snuggling fun if not strictly necessary, the days are long and full of the kind of promise only possible in spring.

the gold light, the green wet grass, the birds all beckoned me out to the gardens where the weeds are beginning their annual riot. whatever leap i had on them, they are rapidly gaining ground. i heard them snickering at me as i trudged from garden to garden.

this may brings a second full moon in scorpio, a one-two punch of tough love incarnate that calls me out, into the gardens, to dig my hands in the soil of all that i am rooted in, to pull out the weeds and address the pests. mercury is in its home sign of gemini, encouraging open communications.

but despite all good intentions, after just an hour, the afternoon turned chilly and gray again. i saw it as a clear invitation to snuggle up on the couch, go to bed early and let the waxing moon shine through an early summer's night's dream.

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Stacie said...

vibrant and alive - full of feeling and color. one would think you were a writer or something...