Tuesday, May 6, 2008

fire in the head

creative chaos is what emily - the weekend's facilitator - promised, and creative chaos is what i've got. there's a fire burning in my head, an idea sparked by a simple connection i made this morning.

another character - YES! ANOTHER CHARACTER! - has shouldered her way onto center stage - a character who steps out of the pages of mythology itself. she is a character who has appeared and reappeared repeatedly throughout my novels - a character who's first incarnation was so compelling she practically became the heroine of the third book of my first trilogy.

already, my inner editor assumes the guise of a dominatrix in black leather. of couse i know that ideas are the easy part. ideas are the joyous part. tonight, as the moon slips into gemini, i will turn a deaf ear to my demon, from the place where i know that the ability to write a novel, to turn an idea into a story, is measured not in ideas, but in sentences.

i will let the character speak. i will type what she tells me. and i will let the fire burn.

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