Tuesday, May 13, 2008

no greater love

people should actually be required to pass tests, i think, before the State or anyone else gives them a license to marry. and one of the tests should be the survival of a home renovation project. one of the reasons i married Beloved was because the summer after i moved into Pond House, we renovated the kitchen. since we were still willing to talk to each other and sleep together at the end of the four month project, i figured the relationship had legs.

now we are about to embark on another grand project, even grander, really, if one is counting square footage. we are about to enlarge our kitchen, and turn our three-season deck -which currently serves as dog pen and catch-all - into real, live, actual liveable, useable space. it will give me a kitchen more than twice the size of the one i've got now, a garden window, three times the cabinet space, and even, possibly, a room just for eating... which will enable so many more possibilities in the current living/dining room combination we have now.

that is, if Beloved and i don't kill each other first.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Stacie said...

yes, home renovations are not easy on a relationship...that's for sure. we've survived a few, with plenty more in the future. luckily this year it's an outside project. i think those are easier as everyday life is not so interrupted.

p.s. i heard the kitchen is the second most intrusive project, right after the bathroom - which we did last summer. i'm sure you and your beloved can handle it.