Wednesday, May 21, 2008

worrisome wednesday

for the second morning in a row, i woke up to dog vomit. buddy, otherwise known as mister buddy love, all 100 loveable, luggable pounds, has been throwing up for the last twenty four hours.

im pretty sure he has to just get whatever it is out of his system - he's not lethargic, just hurt at being kept penned up. he's drinking and peeing and pooping normally. but i guess a call to the vet is in order, and maybe the hibiscus tree my sister gave me for mother's day should go live at Beloved's office.

i went to the cosi-girls' book group. it was good to see the ladies, and next month they are discussing one of my all-time favorite novels in the world - a prayer for owen meany. so i sure don't want to miss THAT.

i not only survived my first krav class, i liked it. Beloved is impressed to no end at my endurance. i mostly punch like a girl, but im getting it. as chris the krav instructor reminded me, no one's ever taught me how.

i hope Beloved follows through on his promise to get himself a punching bag like they have at the gym for father's day.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Walk in the Woods said...

I love the pics! The blue looks cool and comforting. Looking forward to seeing the "new room" up close and personal.

And I hope sweet Buddy Love is feeling better.

Stacie said...

i hope your puppy is better soon!