Tuesday, May 27, 2008

happy birthday, laura rose

shortly after i moved in with Beloved, i discovered that right around the corner from my house, the universe had most thoughtfully provided a source of inspiration, knowledge and understanding.

the name of this place was the purple rose and the person who owned it was a little woman with curly dark hair and big brown eyes, eyes that even then i noticed looked alarmingly like mine.

laura needed customers. i needed books. it was, as they say, a match made in Heaven.

looking back, over the last five years or so as our friendship has grown, i realize now that Heaven must have had a hand in it. there are people, who, when i met them for the first time, i have felt a kind of unmistakeable recognition... a resonance like a chime within my soul. oh, there you are...i hear.

my dear friend lorraine was one. Beloved was another.

and laura is a third. i think we were siblings in other lifetimes, quite possibly even twins. Prodded, nudged and nurtured as i've been along my path, laura has been beside me, every step of the way. we've been mistaken for sisters, for cousins, for lesbian lovers.

today is her birthday. it's a big one... a threshold birthday, as i think of them - one of the ones that has come to signify a transition from one stage of life into another. fortunately for laura, it's one i've already crossed, and as she said, i make approaching fifty look easy. we're going out to lunch, even though today is gray. i cant wait to hear what she thought of my angel workshop. i hope she likes her present.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Stacie said...

happy birthday to laura!