Thursday, January 8, 2009

listen to laura!!!

tune into my soul-sister's show this afternoon at 3 PM EST today! check out her blog: purple rose musings for the link!

today's my writing day. i spent the day processing the information from the six tarot readings i did around the main characters issues and came up with five pages of very closely typed information that i didn't know before. i also came up with the synopsis for the story that she's written (another two pages) about king arthur.... and figured out where the tie-in would come to the present day story.

so while i've not increased the word count more than negligibly, i do feel i've made some progress.

and then i gave myself a reward i wasn't expecting to savor for quite a few more days... i let myself write the epilogue. it's rough and a bit silly, like a bowl made of playdough compared to one made of say... wedgewood china. but it's THERE.

and yeah, it's happy. :)

and furthermore the war must end. blessed be.


Veggie Mom said...

Oh, I missed it! How did it go? And what about your writing day? A Big Success, I hope!

annie kelleher said...

you can listen to laura's show through her archives!!! just use the link on her blog site - you can even find the shows i did with her, and the show rose of what rose made today did with her as well!!!

Patrice said...

Somehow I am VERY excited about reading the ending of this book (surprises and all).

Your F.R.

P.S. Please interpret your 4:11 comment:

"and the show rose of what rose made today did with her as well!!!"

annie -- have you been drinking? ;-}

Martha said...

I love epilogues, especially happy ones.

Martha said...

Thank you so much, I almost forgot for your reading on my experience as camp counselor. I really appreciate it.

Walk in the Woods said...

Today was my Art day ... and it felt good too.

April said...

Visiting from SITS...enjoy your day!