Wednesday, January 7, 2009

snow day

maybe someone in town read my blog because the phone call didn't come this morning until the almost respectable hour of 630. i didn't even bother to run for it - it was snowing when i came home last night - later than usual - and i knew there was going to be at least a delay.

when i finally rolled out of bed and walked the puppies, the driveway was a solid sheet of ice. it's not precipitating any more, so im not sure if it means the storm is over, or we're supposed to get more. i have another reading scheduled in person today, but i might call the lady later and offer her either a phone reading, or to reschedule.

i've been lying low the last couple days. sunday night, i think i ate a bad shrimp. it was my own fault (kristin's blog on gluttony made me laugh -there's nothing quite like those wages of sin!) because i was gobbling the shrimp so fast i was barely chewing them. and then i got a taste of Bad Seafood - you know that taste? just for a moment and then i swallowed and i thought to myself: uh-oh, that wasn't good.

and it wasn't.

it wasn't as bad as it could've been - i felt mostly queasy and mildly uncomfortable, and i managed to get all my errands run yesterday and even snuck in a Hair Cut (!!) that i most sorely needed. i also did six card readings around my story yesterday, and have teased or fleshed out several nuanced subtexts to both main and subplots so that i think i have a fair amount of material to weave into my mired muddle of a middle. but i didn't have much energy and i didn't feel like eating At All (though isn't Spirit wonderful? i say i want to lose a few pounds and voila... my appetite gets suppressed for a couple days. oh, to live in such Flow - NOT!)

today i feel better. i have some laundry i want to catch up on - with libby home i'm pretty sure we'll catch up on the chores i neglected.... the best laid plans gang aft awry, as robert burns so aptly observed. but mostly i want to go back... back to the book, back to the story, back to the place where the Magic is.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Kathy said...

I hope the shrimp discomfort has passed and you can stay safe and warm. I had to smile at the Burns quote, since I hadn't read your post when I titled mine. One of those days, huh?

Veggie Mom said...

Oh, all we have is a drowning rain here...I was soooooooo disappointed this morning to find out that school was still on!

About putting the award bling on your blog. First, go to my blog, and right-click on the award. Choose Save Picture As...and save it as a JPEG file to your desktop. Next, open up your blog, sign in, etc., and go to Layout. I assume you want the award in your sidebar? You should see something in Layout that says Add Picture. Click on that, follow instructions, and you should be all set.

And don't forget to go to Mr. Linky (there's a link in the award post on my blog for you to click on) to add your name as a recipient. Good luck!

Laura Rose said...

that's funny...they called us at 6:15 this time too!!!

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Glad to hear they didn't call you at the crack of dawn.

You got a few things done for being sick. Impressive.

Kristin said...

The wrath of gluttony strikes again.

Kim said...

hope you're feeling better
i get the call about 5:20 but by then I've already checked on line - I knew there would be at least a delay so I never started lunches

Martha said...

Back to the magic despite the bad seafood? That's inspiration and dedication.

Spirit said...

Glad to hear you can focus on a cold and icy day as this. I can only think of my warm bed. Hope you get all you want to accomplished.

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you feel better today! Bad seafood is never fun!

Walk in the Woods said...

Oh yeah ... Bad Shrimp. I know the taste. GLADLY I can report that thus far, I've managed to spit it out!

Next time ... slow down ... savor the shrimp ...

Hope you're feeling better!!!!!

BTW - if you want to email me your Forest Folk workshop ideas, go ahead! :)

Lynette said...

I read this early this morning but did not get to comment.
So here I go.
OMG I hope you like snow.
Stay warm and keep up with the Burns quotes. I loved mine!!
BTW I now have all 4 kids here full time. CPS stepped in and gave me care of them. The mom has been charged with shooting him by his family. He is still unable to talk so no word from him as to how he did it. So the kids are going to be here for at least 3 months if not longer. Instant big family!