Sunday, January 4, 2009

satisfying sunday

today was one of those days that let me get to the end of it and feel like i've accomplished something. writing my vision statement really helped me stay focused all day on what i wanted to get done - and i did.

so here's what i did to today:

- put away the christmas decorations, removed the tree (okay, Beloved did that as well as help generally), swept the living room.
- walked for forty-five minutes (approx 2 miles)
- napped for thirty minutes
- cleaned my bathroom and my bedroom
- read an arthur book
- wrote 500 words
- did an online impromptu reading for an old friend who immed me to say hello (and got one in return)
- did four loads of laundry (meg folded)
- enjoyed leftover pork roast, root veggies, fresh shrimp and artichokes that Beloved made for dinner
- followed angel way of eating all day!!!!
- meditated on the tarot card i drew this morning... the ace of swords (hah!)

i think i deserve a STAR!! :)


Lynette said...

a gold star!
great job

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

Sounds like a very satisfying day! ;) Visiting from SITS... :)

Veggie Mom said...'re one accomplished gal! I wish I could do at least half of that in one day!! BTW, I've got a Giveaway goin' on at my place...please drop by and put some POP! in your New Year!

Laura Rose said...

I can hear the angels and Raven applauding you!!!

Kim said...

You always deserve a star - a gold one at that!

Yaya said...

Wow! You certainly deserve a star!

Kristin said...

You accomplished 200% more then I did today. Maybe tomorrow will be better for me. Can you come do some laundry at my house? I'll fold.

Walk in the Woods said...

I drew the same card today.

Lynette said...

LOL I am right behind you on SITS today again. Are we on a trend. Or are our clocks just set on the same time?

The Blonde Duck said...

Hello from a fellow writer! I found you on SITS!

Sarah said...

Glod star for you! Found you through a blog I found on SITS!

BTW - I am "Elizabeth Bennett"