Thursday, January 15, 2009

i survived

i didn't even faint. it's a sad truth, but the sight of blood doesn't just make me queasy, it makes me keel over. what's really strange is that i not only intially wanted to be a nurse when i was very young, i remembered being one. i also read all my mother's nursing textbooks - my favorite was the one on bed-side nursing - by the time i was seven.

so i know how to make hospital corners, how to give a bed bath, how to change a field dressing. i know how to make splints, how to carry someone with a neck injury, how to turn someone over if they can't move themselves. my favorite series was cherry ames...i liked her a lot better than nancy drew, even if i did wonder why she wanted to spend all her time going from job to job. didn't she ever just want to stay in one place, i'd think.

but then i started to faint. just the whiff of a doctor's office is enough to make me woozy. it's not like i've ever had any bad experiences with doctors... i've always been remarkably healthy. (maybe it's because i avoid doctors, mostly.)

and then i did some past life regression work, and i realized that in my most recent life, i was a nurse. and in this one, i have other kinds of healing work to do, and an aversion to blood completely serves to eliminate any possiblity that i might have gone into any kind of medical field.

what kinds of things do you suppose you might carry over from your past lives, gentle readers?


Selchie said...

You've survived!! I'm so happy, what would I read with my cuppa?...

I began to think the same as you as I was reading that maybe your aversion to blood is because you heal in other ways in this life.

It's an interesting question about past life carry over I'm going to ponder that one...

A psychic did once tell me I was a nun in my previous life. mmmm...)

I'm glad you're ok.)

NJDecorator said...

I am glad that you made it through okay...

past lives? My hubby thinks we were connected somehow, but I have never looked into it.

Martha said...

I am so glad you are okay and your extraction is done. I also loved Cherry Ames and am lucky to be a nurse without too much aversion to body fluids.
I fear drowning and the freeway. I have dealt with both of those professionally in this life, hmm, pretty telling that I am trying to resolve that from former lives.

Patrice said...

I seem to have strong memories of being a Jew in a concentration camp. Also some Hawaiian or Polynesian cave and rain forest connection. And a Japanese life, from long ago.

I get almost exclusively women vibes, but that doesn't seem likely, does it? With all the choices of lives, wouldn't I sometimes be a man?

Lynette said...

Yeah! your whole and in one piece!


Past lives? I have always wondered.
I just know me and CG have always been connected. Don't know how but there is a bond I had with her by the time I was 16 and did not give birth til I was 24.

What do you make of that?

Kim said...

past lives - I know I died in a head on car crash - and I love to drive - I figure I died that way already nothing left to fear

and your book Daughters of Prophecy triggered my memory of dying in childbirth in very much the way you wrote it

i'd love to delve deeper sometime

Allison said...

Glad to hear you survived the dentist.

Some past life memories ?
- Burned alive in my little cottage in the woods for being a healer/herbalist/midwife.
- Going down a huge temple staircase in ancient Egypt as an initiate.
- Native American youth helping a medicine woman.(who is currently my adopted Godmother).
Hmmm, hadn't thought of it before but I'm beginning to see a theme here.

Spirit said...

Sometimes I read a book or watch a show or come across an idea that feels so familiar to me. it must be some past life feeling. I would love to find some more specific past life stuff.

Amanda K said...

I am the exact same with blood... I hate it! I will either start to panic or turn white as a ghost and keel over! I am glad everything went great for you. Thanks for all your tips for my writing slump but seriously for like 4 days... I had nothin'!