Sunday, January 11, 2009

under a cancer moon

even the sun looked watery yesterday. i don't believe it's any accident that last night's full moon is predicted to be the largest and brightest of the year. when the moon is full in cancer, the energy of the Divine Mother, the archetyal feminine, is most abundantly expressed... the energy of love, of loving-kindness, of healing, of peace.

we couldn't see Her here last night. Beloved scurried from window to window, looking for the moon, but the snow that began falling in tiny flakes around 3 yesterday afternoon completely obscured even a hint of Her glow. it was, i thought, the most perfect expression of paradox...the only way to experience this particular full moon is to Feel it, to go into the silence, the darkness, the deep and let the Light we can not see envelope us, like the snow. the Great Mother showed that Herself last night...all we had to do was look around. i dont think it was possible NOT to feel Her presence last night... palpable as a bride's desire behind the veil of falling snow. even the dogs seemed to tiptoe when i walked them late...concluding their business with almost reverential efficiency.

last night and today is a time to revel in self-care, nurturance and all things warm and soft and comfortable. the snow continues to fall in tiny, almost dainty flakes, fluffy as eiderdown. it's the kind that makes sam look like she's got springs on the bottoms of her fat little paws, as she bounds through it, beagle-ears flying.

today i'll make a roast and maybe yorkshire pudding. friday i baked cookies, buttery, crunchy ones with big fat walnuts and tiny chocolate chips. maybe today i'll make some more.

my few days of sitting with the story, of working with the tarot has seemed to pay off in spades. the week before the full moon i never produce much, anyway... it's like the energy interferes and provides a natural block, forcing me to either go into the interior of the story consciously, or to take a rest. from now through the first quarter of the next moon is the time i find particularly conducive to writing.

i'm still not sure whether or not to include the Naughty Scene...i can't decide whether it belongs in the story, or if the Characters are simply insisting on showing me that They, like all the other creations in my life, no matter how much i feel They are part of me, are also Part of Something Else.

i wish all my gentle readers a day of self-nurturance and loving-kindness.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Laura Rose said...

hey, i'm making a roast today,too.

Walk in the Woods said...

Grandmother moon, while well hidden in the hush last night woke me up in the wee hours the night before with a blare of beacon coming in my bedroom window. She would not let me fall back to sleep until I got up and honored her from the window.

And I'm delighted that she didn't make venture outdoors in that frigid cold. She usually does. Must have been that loving cancer influence!


Kim said...

and I wish you a cozy loving day of the same nurturing kindness...

Dina said...

i like your post and thank you for the reading. today i will be dancing and then knitting and dying yarn with some girlfriends in front of the snow though.

Martha said...

Self nuturance to you and your beloved, sweet Sam-chop too. I love the image of her beagle ears and fat paws.Goddess Bless with your characters and all that good stuff, hmm, it's always nice to see that these folks have a "back story" whether you show it are not. Thank you also for the invite on your show next month, can't wait.

Selchie said...

Mm.. all that lovely food, just what you need on a cold winters day.)

P.A. GIbbons said...

Today I had a lot of things I should do. After all, it is post snow-storm and I stayed in for most of the day yesterday. But something held me back in my cozy old fleece, and reminded me that there was plenty to do here, and so in my comfort clothes, I have proceeded to start my taxes, pay some bills, have a visit with my son, and enjoy the delightfulness of my house. Each time the clock chimes I stop and experience being present. Thank you for reminding me that it is OK to stay home and do what I want, instead of being driven by the craziness of life.

peace to you, ms. p

Zen Ventures said...

And I wish you the same. The moon was shown on TV last night during the home game we were watching and it was awesome! On the aside, If you can, I'd love you to join me on DeCode Wednesday. See you then! xox-Maricris

Dia said...

Oh, my - grandmother moon was lovely here - misty PMs, so just 'peeking through,' but lovely to see her!
I wondered if you knew about Peace Pilgram? I found a link to this video (will watch it later!!) on webs of spider woman -
I read the sweet book about her years ago - one of the saints!