Wednesday, January 14, 2009

national delurking week

according to my new blogger find...ZEN CUPCAKE - her blog makes me drool, literally - go read the receipe for the red velvet cupcakes and the black bottomed ones - this week is NATIONAL DELURKING WEEK. so everyone who's out there ... everyone who's lurking and you know who you are... step out of the shadows and say hello!


Allison said...

What timing! Life has been hectic and I was just thinking about leaving you a message that I have only had time for lurking....and BANG , you outed me first!

Lynette said...

Me? Lurk? Never!

I am always out of the shadows. And loud and clear. LOL

You do know I just love you and your blog!

Hugs and Bloggy love to ya!

Alessa Ellefson said...

Oh, I can't go on that blog site. It's going to make me wish I hadn't decided to diet^^ Which is why I must find other means of sustaining myself... Like reading good stories!
There, I've delurked myself:)